About ITL

We are a research group of the Steward Observatory (the Department of Astronomy) at the University of Arizona. Our main area of expertise is scientific and industrial electronic imaging research and technology development. Information can be found on this site relating to our research activities, major projects, sponsors, astronomical detectors for the University of Arizona, as well as educational items related to imaging science.

Known as the Steward Observatory CCD Laboratory in the 1990's, we are located about a mile from the University of Arizona campus in Tucson, Arizona.

ITL Laboratory Personnel

Our email addresses are the person's last name @ itl.arizona.edu.

Tricia Crossman
Senior Research Specialist
628-2078 ext. 117

Yvonne Holguin
628-2078 ext. 122

Don James
628-2078 ext. 108

Teresa Lappin
Senior Research Specialist
628-2078 ext. 101

Michael Lesser
Director, ITL
Research Professor
628-2078 ext. 119

David Ouellette
ITL Laboratory Manager
Principal Engineer
628-2078 ext. 110

Anita Sobey
Senior Research Specialist
628-2078 ext. 115

Roy Tucker
Senior Engineer
628-2078 ext. 103

Kelly Valdivia
Program Manager
628-2078 ext. 100

Grzegorz Zareba
Principal Engineer
628-2078 ext. 102