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 +Welcome to the AzCam documentation site.
 +AzCam is a software image data acquisition system developed at the University of Arizona Imaging Technology Laboratory (ITL). These pages are for AzCam version 6.0 and higher.
 +AzCam is currently used for Astronomical Research Cameras, Inc. Gen3, Gen2, and Gen1 CCD controllers,​ the Magellan Guider controllers,​ and the Archon controllers from STA.
 +See [[AzCamTool]] for a description of the standard GUI used by most telescope observers.
 +See [[AzCamServer]] and [[AzCamConsole]] for detailed (and advanced) information about how AzCam functions, especially for command-line usage and programming.
 +===Advanced Topics===
 +Click the links below for auto-generated details of AzCam code/​technical documentation.
 +  * [[http://​cameras.as.arizona.edu/​sphinx/​azcam/​html/​index.html|azcam python package]]
 +  * [[http://​cameras.as.arizona.edu/​sphinx/​azcamserver/​html/​index.html|azcamserver python package]]
 +  * [[http://​cameras.as.arizona.edu/​sphinx/​itldetchar/​html/​index.html|itldetchar python package]]