AzCamConsole is a client console window which provides an IPython-based environment for data reduction, scripting, debug, general python programming, etc. AzCamConsole windows have a server object which can communicate with AzCamServer when properly connected.

Start AzCamConsole by executing a script such as start_console which is often linked to a desktop icon. The configuration of AzCamConsole is specific to each system.

Observing Commands


Using IPython's auto parenthesis mode allows typing commands without requiring the normal python syntax of command(par1, par2, …). The equivalent alias syntax is command par1 par2. While in this mode all commands can use this syntax, there are a few especially useful command line commands which are listed below.

  • sav to save the current AzCamConsole state
  • bf (browse folder) to open a GUI to browse for a directory and then set it as the current working folder (similar to cd but with GUI).
  • Run to run a command in the python search path, usually for scripts (note the upper case R to distinguish it from IPython's built-in run magic command).
  • gf to try and go to current image folder.
  • sf to try and set image folder to the current directory.
  • p (AzcamServer only) to toggle printing of client commands.