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 +AzCamConsole is a client console window which provides an IPython-based environment for data reduction, scripting, debug, general python programming,​ etc. AzCamConsole windows have a ''​server''​ object which can communicate with AzCamServer when properly connected.
 +Start AzCamConsole by executing a script such as ''​start_console''​ which is often linked to a desktop icon. The configuration of AzCamConsole is specific to each system.
 +===Observing Commands===
 +  * [[http://​cameras.itl.arizona.edu/​sphinx/​focus/​html/​index.html|focus command]]
 +  * [[http://​cameras.itl.arizona.edu/​sphinx/​observe/​html/​index.html|observe command]]
 +Using IPython'​s auto parenthesis mode allows typing commands without requiring the normal python syntax of ''​command(par1,​ par2, ...)''​. The equivalent alias syntax is ''​command par1 par2''​. While in this mode all commands can use this syntax, there are a few especially useful command line commands which are listed below.
 +  * **sav** to save the current AzCamConsole state
 +  * **bf** (browse folder) to open a GUI to browse for a directory and then set it as the current working folder (similar to cd but with GUI).
 +  * **Run** to run a command in the python search path, usually for scripts (note the upper case R to distinguish it from IPython'​s built-in run magic command).
 +  * **gf** to try and go to current image folder.
 +  * **sf** to try and set image folder to the current directory.
 +  * **p** (AzcamServer only) to toggle printing of client commands.