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 +==== AzCam DSP Code ====
 +The DSP code which runs in the ARC and Magellan controllers is assembled and linked with Motorola software tools. ​ These tools should be installed in /​azcam/​MotorolaDSPtools/​ folder as required by the batch files which assemble and link the DSP source code.
 +While the AzCam application code for the ARC timing board is typically downloaded during camera initialization,​ the boot code must be compatible for this to work properly. ​ Therefore AzCam DSP code must be burned into the timing board EEPROMs before use.  The AzCam timing DSP code is quite different from the ARC code and is required for AzCam operation. The PCI fiber optic interface board and the utility board use the original ARC code and does not need to be changed. Note this applies to gen3 systems only, the gen1 and gen2 situation is more complex.
 +For the Magellan systems, there is only one DSP file which must be downloaded during initialization. Note that xxx.s files are loaded for the Magellan systems while xxx.lod files are loaded for ARC systems.