Welcome to ITL At the University of Arizona

ITL is dedicated to advancing scientific and industrial sciences by developing enabling technologies for semiconductor and photonic devices. We specialize in Back Side Illuminated (BSI) camera sensors, advanced packaging, and 3D heterogenous integration. 

We have delivered over 4,000 sensors and other systems to the worldwide scientific and industrial imaging communities.  They are used in astronomy, Earth observing, semiconductor applications, high energy physics, and for many other applications. ITL is operated by the Steward Observatory at The University of Arizona and is affiliated with the Center for Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Applied Research Building

New Facility

We are now located in the new Applied Research Building (ARB) on the University of Arizona's main campus. The ITL facility consists of a large cleanroom for our integration work, a cleanroom wet chemistry lab for chemical processing, and a sensor lab for camera and device testing.

ITL Cleanroom

ITL Capabilities

ITL specializes in key technologies related to semiconductor and BSI image sensor processing and applies these technologies to projects within the University of Arizona and with external Sponsors. We support in a wide range of activities including industrial manufacturing, space missions, laboratory research, and ground-based astronomy.